Sunday, July 21, 2013

Unusual supplies for first aid.

Whether you are a prepper or just a parent the need for a well stocked first aid kit is critical.  Case in point.  My daughter just fell off a barstool and jammed her index finger and bruised her cheek up.  So first things first I pulled a frozen sponge out of the freezer, and grabbed the first aid kit.  In my first aid kit I have unusual items.  Like craft sticks the wide tongue depressor type and the Popsicle type.  I buy them at the craft store because they are cheap there. I can use them for a wide variety of uses, like splinting fingers and toes, as well as a tongue depressor.  I have duct tape and white first aid I also have steri strips but that doesn't really apply here.  For my daughter's jammed finger I broke the wide craft stick in half and cover it in white first aid tape to prevent splinters and it pads it too. Then I taped her finger to it.  

Back to the sponge.  I take a cheap kitchen sponge, soak it in water and a little rubbing alcohol and put it in a freezer bag then into the freezer. It stays pliable and it doesn't leak.  It is a cleaner than a bag of peas or ice.  The alcohol makes it stay cold and pliable.  It works great for all kinds of ouchies.