Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Warning Yummieness ahead.

I just put up a batch of Blackberry pie filling.  I put it up (canned it) instead of just making the cobbler I have  planned for it, because at our house momma's rule is, 1 dessert at a time.  I still have devils food cake with cream cheese frosting in the fridge.  Which reminds me, I want a piece of cake.  Hang on back in a few....

Okay I am back and happy.  That was good. But I digress.  I put up a quart of blackberry pie filling so I can make blackberry cobbler.  It is not necessarily my favorite cobbler, peach is my favorite.  But Hubby loves black berry and the kids love blackberries.  Well to be perfectly honest cobbler isn't exactly my favorite anyway.  I am a brown betty nut.  I may have to make this into blackberry brown betty instead.  I have taken my ex mother in-laws recipe for apple brown betty and created others like peach betty, pear betty,  and so on.  Blackberry betty might just be the ticket.

The recipe I used for my pie filling isn't mine so I don't have the recipe for you but I do have a link for you.  This is the recipe I used.

And I bought my berries from a local farmer at the farmers market.  They are so juicy and yummy.  When I decide what I end up making I will post pictures and tell you how yummy it is.

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